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So have been quiet on here for a while as I tackle the dreaded BOOK TWO. OK I know this is a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM completely. Still, the pain of writing a second novel has been immense. This isn't my actual second novel, it took my a lot of false starts to get to Cut To The Bone, so I've written novels in the past. The art of writing is my passion, I love doing it, I enjoy doing it. And I've done it through this enthusiasm many times over the years. Always when nobody was paying me for it, or interested in it, just me and my creative processes. And then...somebody give me a contract, an advance, and wants to publish this novel and...and then what? I have been frozen with terror ever since I started to realise I would have to deliver BOOK TWO!! I had an outline, a title, I bring back DCI Kate Riley and DS Zain Harris, it's like driving down a new road in a car you love. And yet, I just couldn't do it. I had so many false starts, despite the encouragement of so many people, including one of my writing heroes. I had other writers ask me for weekly word counts, advice from anyone who has ever written, and most of all the beautiful, amazing, generous people who have been so kind about Cut To The Bone and wanted more!! And still...the words didn't come. It wasn't even writer's block. I knew what was happening next. I just couldn't write. And every positive review or negative review just added another brick to the wall that stood between me and BOOK TWO. Slowly I started to write, word by word, and each sentence was filled with self-loathing and fear. And then one word at a time, I had something. I had extensions, I even went on a Pilgrimage, and finally I burned the all-night oils and got it done. Well to a draft and state that I could send it to my editor. I just hope the stress of it all didn't ruin what I think is a great story, and that it can be saved. And then I realised that's the difference between Cut To The Bone and this book. I now have an editor, I have someone who will rip it to pieces, and send me some glue to fix it. With the first novel, you and your agent work on it and get it perfect, hoping to attract a publisher. But this book, the second one, well you have your publisher, and they are now on your side, and they are going to help you attract an audience. So in conclusion? Book Two was a nightmare, but it seems everyone feels the same. And it's in. And now, ironically, I just can't wait to write my next one! Go figure. Book Two has gone, and so has the absolute crippling fear and self-hatred. (Well until I get my edits back...)

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