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Waterstones Baby!

So I knew right from the get-go that getting into any bookshop is a tough ask for any writer who isn't already a superstar. Booksshops have to choose from EVERY SINGLE book being published, or that has been published, and they have such limited space. So last week my dreams were busted (in a good way) by W H Smith not only stocking me but also making me their 'Everyone's Talking About' selection. The other place I secretly wanted to be was in my local Waterstones. Mine just happens to be the one in Piccadilly, the biggest, or The Mothership as I like to call it. And this week a lovely writer (yes you Joy Kluver!) sent me this-a picture showing not only am I aboard The Mothership but I AM ON A TABLE!! I thank God every day for this brilliant brilliant journey and this picture I will treasure always. Yes I know total self-indulgent blogpost, but after all the decades of trying to get published and make my dreams a reality, to see them materialise like this is just amazing. And I am proof that never give up is real. It could happen. It did to me. And I will never take this for granted or say thank you for it.

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